Olivier Deforche


Olivier is a 2nd Master Mechatronics & Robotics Engineering student at KU Leuven passionate about technology, strategy consulting and finance. He is motivated to gain new financial insights and further develop Investia as its President.

Louis Meersman


Louis is a 1st Master Business Engineering student at KU Leuven. He is thrilled to be at the helm of this thriving organization and hopes to celebrate even more achievements with this amazing group of friends.

Fredric Demeyere


Fredric is a third Bachelor Engineering Science student with major in Chemical Engineering who is highly interested in finance, investing and technology. He continuously strives to keep on expanding his knowledge in these areas, whilst also encouraging the other members to do the same.

Alexander Genoe


Alexander is a 2nd Master Business Engineering student at KU Leuven. He is excited to help Investia as its treasurer and believes it will enable him to expand his financial and macroeconomic knowledge.

Harold Vanherpe


Harold is a 1st Master Business Engineering student at KU Leuven. He is very motivated to continuously enhance his financial knowledge and develop other vital skills within the dynamic team of Investia. He is looking forward to help expand this group of friends with new driven and enthusiastic members in the future.

Emma Willemen


Emma is a 1st Master Bioscience Engineering student with a major in Catalytic Technology, at KULeuven. She regards Investia’s weekly meetings as a great opportunity to learn about finance and investing in a practical way. On top of that she is excited to contribute to the fund’s development as a Board Member!



Héloïse Brackenier
Julie Vanacker
Astrid Dewever
Jelle Lamaire
Korneel Doise
Arnaud Nelis
Sylvia Debois
Michiel De Paepe
Hélène Tilleman
Théodore Duplat
Simon De baere
Emmy Algoet
Matthias Verghote
Anne-Gaëlle Santens
Arthur Sabbe
Kamiel Boons
Eva Struyve
Juul Erregat
Lisa Van den Houte
Vince Coppens
Filip Roest
Emma Van Marcke
Margaux De Graeve

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Simon Zenner
Groupe Buxelles Lambert
Joren Boons
LGT Capital Partners
Cas Ruythooren
Stephane Dumont
JRJ Group
Laurent Balesse
Partners Group
Thomas Vanderhaeghe
Bain & Company

Gilles Bodart
Vincent Lenders
PhD KU Leuven
Quinten van Hinsberg
Delen Private Bank
Arno Vermote
Charlotte Van Tricht
PhD KU Leuven
Jérôme Billiet
Co-Founder at Converge

Jean-Michel Bosmans
Ellen De Schrijver
J.P. Morgan
Charles Vleurinck
Cédric Segers
International Asset Management Ltd.
Quinten Casteleyn
Boston Consulting Group
Theodore Vansteelant
ESCP Business School

Thibault Valcke
Cédric Van der Auwermeulen
Jori Geysen
Eigen Technologies
Karel Casteleyn
Cercle Brugge KSV
Evert Ruythooren
Northpool B.V.
Fred Ruythooren
KULeuven – Medicine

Senne Wellens
Laboratory for Precision Cancer Medicine
Annelien Crijns
Bain & Company
Koen Van Asch
Stef Boeckx
Nicolas Stevens
Mathieu Van Cauwenberge
Solvay Brussels School
Antoine Ruzette
Harvard Medical School research
Edouard Corthals
Boston Consulting Group
Alexander Heeren
Boston Consulting Group
Lionel Defauw
Roland Berger
Charlotte Garcia-Moreno
Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP
Felix Cornelis
Master Artificial Intelligence

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