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    Why should you apply?

    Are you interested in finance and want to gain hands-on experience in investing and making extensive valuations? Do you want to extend your professional network and make lifelong friendships? Are you ready to take on a new extracurricular challenge?

    Don’t hesitate, apply at our next application session and become a part of our team!

    Application procedure

    The procedure consists of three rounds during which personal fit, motivation, financial knowledge and analytical reasoning will be assessed. However, our expectations vary depending on the background of the applicant, as we encourage students from all degrees and years to apply.
    1. Submit your CV and motivation letter
    2. A 20-30 min. onsite interview, including a SWOT analysis of  a stock
    3. A 20 – 30 min. call with one of our alumni

    What are we looking for in an applicant?

    Investia is always on the lookout for students who show a lot of interest, ambition and potential to ensure the professional and successful management of the Investia fund.

    Interest in finance is as important as dedication for our society. Therefore we are looking for people who take initiative and are willing to work on the continuous improvement of our organisation.

    We cannot stress enough that Investia does not have any criteria concerning the field of study an applicant should be enrolled in. Diversification is as important in our society as it is in your portfolio.


    Our next applications take place in October 2024.

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